Strokes can be scary. There are many elderly adults who have strokes every single year. While it is wonderful that many stroke victims survive, unfortunately, there are still many challenges that these survivors face. As a caregiver who might be in charge of caring for a stroke survivor, it can be helpful to know about these challenges to better take care of them.

Caregiver Abbottstown PA - Top Challenges Stroke Survivors Face

Caregiver Abbottstown PA – Top Challenges Stroke Survivors Face

Physical Challenges

There are many physical challenges that a stroke survivor might face. They might not be able to walk. They may have weakness in their limbs or they may fall down often. These survivors may also have trouble doing daily activities such as swallowing their food. In addition, many stroke survivors suffer from chronic pain due to their shoulder drooping or headaches from their brain being injured after a stroke. Some survivors also suffer from fatigue. If your elderly loved one is dealing with these challenges, make sure you share this information with their caregivers, so they can get the best care possible.

Communication Challenges

If your elderly loved one has had a stroke, they may also suffer from communication challenges. They may now have slurred speech. This may make it very difficult for people to understand them. The cognitive changes that happen after a stroke affect the person’s ability to interact socially. They may become easily distracted or not able to pay full attention to someone. In addition, stroke survivors aren’t always able to stay on topic in a conversation.

Emotional Challenges

Emotional challenges can be tough to deal with for the stroke survivor, as well. They may experience depression, anxiety, or even PTSD. Some stroke survivors even have severe episodes where they cry or laugh a lot. These things can really take their toll on the person recovering from a stroke and their loved ones, too.

Finances, Social Roles, Family, And More

Unfortunately, there might be many medical costs associated with the recovery after a stroke. The patient may even lose their job because they are no longer able to work anymore. The stroke survivor may have to change their role within the family, too. They may no longer be in charge of things they were once able to be in control of. The mind and body of the stroke survivor might not work together very well, causing even more difficulties.

These are some of the top challenges that stroke survivors face. If your loved one has a stroke, remember to put yourself in their shoes. It is difficult to recover after a stroke. Make sure you and their caregivers do your best to understand what they are going through. Some people never fully recover from a stroke.


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