Technology in the modern world is so prolific that most seniors are using it as part of their routine. A 2016 survey found that 67 percent of seniors over the age of 65 were using the internet regularly. Depending on what your senior’s comfort level with technology is and what their needs are, there are many options for computers for their home.

Senior Care Spring Grove PA - What Computers are Best for Seniors

Senior Care Spring Grove PA – What Computers are Best for Seniors

Assess needs

When picking a device, it’s important to discuss with your senior what they intend to use the computer for. Do they want a tool for browsing the internet or, if they have more experience with computers, is the computer meant to be a hub for hobbies such as computer games and other tools?


Desktop computers are what most seniors probably used in their professional lives if they had to use a computer. Desktop computers have a tower that contains all the processing parts and a separate monitor. They have a few unique characteristics:

  • Screen size (monitor) can be updated at any time
  • No need to charge a battery
  • Generally better processing power than a laptop
  • Easier to upgrade over time

Desktop computers are not easily moved, so they need to be set up in an area of the home the senior is comfortable using. Senior care providers can sometimes help with computer setup or talking seniors through questions they have on computer usage.


Laptops are portable computers that fold over and have been consistently improving in terms of processing power and portability. They also have unique characteristics:

  • They get lighter every year.
  • Usually they require a mouse for sure, though the trackpad can be used as well.
  • They can get warm when put on the lap directly, especially if there are blankets there.
  • Laptops aren’t as easily upgraded.

Since laptops must be charged, it’s important to put the charger in an accessible place for your senior. Senior care providers can sometimes be responsible for making sure the laptop is charged properly for senior use.


Tablets are full touchscreens that resemble large cell phones. Their unique characteristics include the following:

  • They are generally smaller and lighter than laptops.
  • They need charging just like a laptop.
  • The full screen is easy for seniors to use with no mouse required.
  • They are good for browsing the web.

Tablets are easy for seniors to use, but they aren’t ideal for lots of typing without an external keyboard because of the smaller screen. However, since there is such a small learning curve for tablets, they are a good choice for seniors who want to access the internet without learning a whole new device.

Senior care professionals can sometimes coach seniors on how best to interact with their technology. For any computer device, make sure to use the appropriate virus protection and check the computer for needed updates. Some libraries offer free courses on how to use computers, so if your senior wants to learn more, look into additional classes on safe technology use.


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