Caregivers often find it difficult to get everything done, usually citing lack of time. If that sounds familiar, these ideas might help.

Don’t Trust Just Your Memory

In-Home Care York PA - Are You Out of Time Constantly?

In-Home Care York PA – Are You Out of Time Constantly?

How often have you told yourself you would remember something important only to become jolted later by the realization that you totally forgot? It happens more than people want to believe and if you’re incredibly busy and stressed, like many caregivers are, you’re going to find it’s even more difficult for your brain to hang onto everything. So don’t make your brain work that hard. Write down more details in a space you’re going to have handy. Your planner is a good place, or even just a notebook. If you’re the digital type, keep a note file handy in your phone.

Fine Tune Your Routine

Your routine matters more in keeping you connected to achieving your goals than you might realize. If you don’t have a solid routine, your day is likely to feel more chaotic than it has to feel. Even if you think you don’t have a routine at all, you really do. It’s just likely to be made up of you putting out fires as they crop up rather than having any sort of plan. Look at what your goals are for each day and then start out the day anticipating what might occur. If there’s a solution you can put in place from the start, do so. That can help you to avoid getting derailed.

Avoid Arguing

The more time you spend arguing, fighting, or complaining, the less time you have for anything else, especially the things you really need and want to do. When people want to give you unsolicited advice about caregiving, nod and smile if you can. If you can’t, politely remove yourself from the conversation. Sometimes the biggest problems may come from you, though. Look at what you’re complaining about. Is it something you can change? If so, make the change and make your life easier in any way possible.

Line up Some Extra Help

Something else that can create more time than you expect is to bring in in-home care providers. Being able to delegate certain care tasks to someone with experience is incredibly helpful because you know your elderly family member is in good hands. But you’ve also got the opportunity to step away for a bit and either take respite time or use that time to handle some other responsibility. That matters way more than you might realize.

You have the same twenty-four hours in every day as anyone else does, but your day may still feel overpacked. Do what you can to delegate tasks and to take care of yourself.

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