When an older adult is told they have pancreatic cancer, it can be a devastating thing to hear. Pancreatic cancer is a particularly frightening form of cancer because it is life-threatening. The stress and uncertainty associated with the diagnosis can make it hard for your aging relative to sleep at night and negatively impact their emotional health. Experts suggest that learning ways to cope with pancreatic cancer is an important part of the treatment process.

Below are some tips that can help seniors to cope with their diagnosis.

Home Health Care Abbottstown PA - Tips for Coping with a Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Home Health Care Abbottstown PA – Tips for Coping with a Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Learn About the Disease

Finding out more about pancreatic cancer can help older adults to know what to expect in the future. It can also help them to take charge of their health by enabling them to make informed decisions about their treatment. The doctor is an excellent source for information about the senior’s specific condition, so they should not be afraid to ask questions. In fact, it can be helpful to come to appointments with a list of questions written down.

Many older adults talk to their home health care providers about their condition, which can bring up questions they have. The home health care provider can encourage them to write down their questions or assist them to do so.

Get Help

Some seniors benefit from speaking to a counselor or social worker about their diagnosis. These professionals may recommend that your aging relative join a support group for people with cancer. If a physical group isn’t available in the senior’s area, there are online support groups as well.

Home health care providers can assist older adults in finding the right support group for them. A home health care provider can also drive them to support group meetings.

Build a Support Network

Cancer can make it hard to do many of the things required by day to day life. Your aging relative might feel too tired or ill to clean the house, cook meals, or run errands. Ask friends and family to assist them with whatever they can. Being able to help in some way can be comforting to people who care about the older adult as well.

Home health care is another way to ensure your loved one receives all the help they need. A home health care provider can do all the things family members and friends can do, including cooking, cleaning, and running errands. Home health care providers can also assist with personal care, such as using the bathroom, taking a bath or shower, and getting dressed.

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