What do you know about relocation stress syndrome? Relocation stress syndrome can happen at any age. It’s stress that develops after moving to a new area or home. Studies find that senior citizens often experience it after moving from the family home to a retirement community. It can take a few weeks to develop. When it does the effects are devastating.

Home Care Services Thomasville PA - Have You Ever Heard of Relocation Stress Syndrome?

Home Care Services Thomasville PA – Have You Ever Heard of Relocation Stress Syndrome?

When your parent moves and suffers from relocation stress syndrome, the most common symptoms are anxiety, confusion, despair, and loneliness. It often needs to be treated in the same manner that depression is treated.

Here’s an Example of Relocation Syndrome

When their mother started wandering because of Alzheimer’s, one family felt helpless. None of them lived close enough to be there 24/7. Video cameras weren’t enough. They moved her to be closer to their homes.

After the move, their mom shut down. She started having panic attacks throughout the day. She became paranoid that someone stole her dogs, even though the dogs were safe with her son. She stopped sleeping, and the lack of sleep added to the anxiety and agitation. Within a month, she was lashing out at anyone who came near. When she shoved her daughter out of the way in an attempt to flee her new home, the family had to wonder if they’d made a huge mistake.

You Can’t Always Avoid Relocation

Despite your best intentions at helping your parents age at home, there may come a time where downsizing is smarter. Your parent’s current home is on multiple levels and a wheelchair is now needed. If the living space on the entry-level floor isn’t set up with a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and living area, it’s safer to move.

If it is possible to convert one level of a home into your parent’s living space, try that first. You could convert an unused dining room into a bedroom using folding doors or a barn-style sliding door. If there’s a family room and living room, one of those could be changed over for now.

Don’t force your parents to move to a new location if they’re just not ready and the home is set up for one-level living. Home care services keep them safe at home. Home care services providers can cook their meals, drive them to stores and appointments, and help with laundry, dusting, dishes, and more. Call our home care services agency to arrange the home care services that will most help your parents age at home.

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