Your elderly family member might have a plan in mind to continue living in the home she’s living in now. That’s called aging in place and it’s entirely possible, if you and she are prepared.

Home Care Services Spring Grove PA - What Do You Need to Know if Your Senior Wants to Age in Place?

Home Care Services Spring Grove PA – What Do You Need to Know if Your Senior Wants to Age in Place?

Whether There’s Anything Difficult or Annoying about Her Home

Over time, most people find that there are things that they would change about their home, even if they weren’t interested in moving from it. As she ages, there may be modifications that she’d like to make in order to facilitate her desire to stay in the home. Things like stair lifts, walk-in tubs, and extra handrails are important items to consider.

How She Feels about Safety and Other Issues in Her Home

It’s also important to ask your senior how safe she feels at home. Safety covers her physical well-being, but also her mental and emotional safety at home. If she feels as if she isn’t safe, that can influence other decisions she makes. Talk about what would help her to feel safer, whether that’s safety modifications that she hasn’t mentioned or other things, like adding an alarm system.

Would She Move if She Had To?

Your senior has told you that she wants to age in place, but you also need to know how set on that idea she is. If she had to move, for whatever reason, is she open to that idea? It’s always a good idea to have backup plans ready to go because life can throw everyone, including your senior, some serious curve balls. The more prepared you both are, the better.

Whether She’d Accept Help

Some people find it really difficult to accept help even when they know that they need that help. For your elderly family member, extra assistance can be what makes the difference between her being able to age in place and having to change her living arrangements. Home care services providers can help her with a variety of tasks as they become gradually more difficult for her. Trying out home care services now can help her to see what that might be like.

Preparing to help your elderly family member to age in place is a lot easier once you understand what she needs and how she wants to get to her goal. Talk about these issues with your senior, even if she’s not excited about the conversation at first. Let her know that answering these questions will ultimately help her.

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