Staying safe while your senior is in her bedroom is something that actually involves a lot of different variables. You’re looking at issues like fall risks, tripping hazards, and being able to be aware of what’s going on around her.

Dealing with Flooring and Floor Coverings

Home Care Services New Oxford PA - Four Tips and Tools for Bedroom Safety

Home Care Services New Oxford PA – Four Tips and Tools for Bedroom Safety

Floors and the things that cover them can be a huge problem in the bedroom. Your senior may be more off balance than anywhere else in the house, especially if she’s getting in and out of bed. If there are any tripping hazards associated with the flooring or with rugs and carpet in the room, that can be a huge issue. You may want to reevaluate what the flooring is like in your senior’s bedroom and especially around her bed.

Extra Lighting Where Possible

Lighting is a huge concern for aging adults, but it can be especially important in your senior’s bedroom. She needs to be able to see obstacles clearly, which means that lighting needs to be accessible and bright enough to give her what she needs. Nightlights with motion sensors can be helpful, as can lamps and light fixtures that are motion- or voice-activated. Using smart bulbs can be a great way to give your senior more control over her lighting from her bed.

Doorbell Tools

Your elderly family member may have a variety of conditions that make knowing who is at the door more complicated than it has to be. If your elderly family member has mobility issues or if she has trouble hearing, then having an alternative way to know someone’s at the door, even from bed, can be important. There are a variety of door options, ranging from doorbells that activate lights to cameras that can transmit sound and video straight to your senior’s phone, wherever she is.

Keeping Your Senior Safe in Bed

Your senior may need additional tools in bed, too. Rails along the side of the bed give her a chance to feel more secure when she’s in bed. These are usually easy to install, because they fit between the mattress and the box spring. The rail itself can fold down so that your senior can sit up on the edge of the bed. Poles or grab bars that help her to stand safely can also be important. Look at what is troubling your senior most and find the assistive tools that help her the most.

There may be other types of assistance your senior needs to help her to stay safe when she’s in her bedroom. Senior care providers can help your elderly family member in the ways that she most needs and ensure that she’s as safe as possible.

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