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Daily Living Activities for Aging Adults

One of the hardest things for elderly adults to face is physical limitations that restrict their ability to live independently. Health issues can transform a capable aging adult who can take care of themselves into a senior who is dependent on others to stay safe, clean and comfortable in their own home. When elderly relatives are experiencing trouble with daily living activities, it’s up to family caregivers to help them take the next steps.

Home Care Services Littlestown PA - Daily Living Activities for Aging Adults

Home Care Services Littlestown PA – Daily Living Activities for Aging Adults

What are Daily Living Activities?

Certain daily activities are essential for adults to function on their own. These activities are related to succeeding in the world and keeping themselves physically and mentally independent. The most important daily tasks include self-care like showering, dressing, brushing teeth, toileting and more.

Other daily tasks that adults must master to be independent include doing laundry, cleaning the house, preparing meals and handling finances. Still other examples include medication management, pet care, spousal care, driving, and accessing medical care as needed. Family caregivers should pay attention to their aging relatives and assess how well they are doing with daily living activities.

Why Seniors Struggle with Daily Living Tasks

When an aging relative is dealing with illness, injury, chronic pain, or just general age-related complications, they may not be able to do every task that qualified as independent living. They may struggle in certain areas and do just fine in others.

However, as their physical limitations increase, it’s not unusual for elderly adults to downplay any troubles they are having. They may be reluctant to share their issues with family caregivers for fear of inviting unwanted changes. That’s why family caregivers need to watch for clues that their elderly loved ones are faltering.

How Family Caregivers Spot Warning Signs

Family caregivers must pay attention to how well their aging loved ones are performing daily activities. There are certain warning signs that may indicate the elderly adult is struggling. Family caregivers should look for some of these clues:

  • Failing to pay bills on time
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • Piles of dirty dishes
  • Empty refrigerator and cupboards
  • Medication mismanagement
  • No clean clothes or towels
  • Incomplete maintenance projects around the house
  • Bumps and bruises on the senior’s body

If an aging relative is showing more than one of these warning signs, it could mean that they need in-home care services.

Hire Home Care Services Providers

Many families with aging loved ones who need help with daily tasks hire a home care services assistant. Not only can the home care services provider assist the aging adult when they need it, but they can take over duties that are too difficult or unsafe. They can help the elderly adult live a better quality of life without worrying about how to manage on their own.

Seniors with home care services providers will no longer have to struggle with daily tasks that are too challenging for them. Instead, they can rely on the home care services provider to help them age in their own home. Family caregivers also have peace of mind knowing their elderly loved one is being cared for appropriately.

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