April & May Perfect Attendance Winners

Trisha Warner May Perfect Attendance Winner

Emily Berry April Perfect Attendance Winner




We would like to thank Emily Berry & Trisha Warner for having perfect attendance during the month of April & May.





April & May Training Winner

Ally McKinney April Training Winner

Marie Siciliano May Training Winner



We would like to thank Ally McKinney & Marie Siciliano for being the first caregivers to complete the April & May trainings.





Caregiver of the Month

Amy Wildasin Caregiver of the Month



We would like to thank Amy Wildasin for your dedication to our clients! You go above and beyond for our clients and we truly appreciate that. We have received calls from several clients saying how good of a job you do and they always ask if they can have you more often! Thank you so much Amy!




Rookie Caregiver of the Month

Melanie Furlow Rookie Caregiver of the Month



This is our first time doing this, but I thought it would be nice to recognize the new caregivers to our agency that do an amazing job as well, so we have decided to recognize one new caregiver every month that stands out, goes above and beyond, always shows up on time and when scheduled. This month we would like to thank Melanie Furlow. Melanie is not a brand new caregiver to our agency, she has been with us a few months. Every client we send Melanie to calls to tell us how great she is and to ask if they can have her as a regular caregiver. Thank you Melanie for all you do for our clients!



May Caregiver Birthdays

Amy Wildasin – 5/5
Janice Menges – 5/9
Sherry Winters – 5/18
Stella West – 5/22

May Client Birthdays

Dana Struble – 5/4
Evelyn Snyder – 5/11
Wanda Morrison – 5/16

June Caregiver Birthdays

Brittany Sheely – 6/4
Cathy Lee – 6/14
Rhonda Surprenant – 6/16

June Client Birthdays

Paul Williams – 6/3
Debra Bechtel – 6/15
Albert Redding – 6/23
Eve Fulton – 6/26

We would like to welcome our new caregivers:

Susan Dorsch
Janaya Hawkins
Sierra Hendricks
Erika Laughman

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