The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports the average household in the Northeast U.S. spent as much as $1,646 to heat their homes in 2018/2019. Heating oil and propane are the most expensive options. Natural gas is the most affordable.

Home Care New Oxford PA - Money-Saving Tips for Keeping Your Mom's Heating Bills Down

Home Care New Oxford PA – Money-Saving Tips for Keeping Your Mom’s Heating Bills Down

Winter heating bills can eat into an older adults’ fixed income. If your mom is struggling, these money-saving tips can help keep the heating bills down this winter.

Get a Heating System Cleaning

Have your mom’s heating system cleaned and inspected. It’s important for safety, but it’s also a good way to make sure the system is working as efficiently as possible.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

Before it gets too cold, go out and seal cracks and gaps in the foundation, window frames, and door frames. Add weatherstripping to doors in areas it’s worn down. It’s an easy DIY job that won’t cost much.

Shop Around for Better Heating Fuel Rates

It may be time to shop around for a new fuel company. If you find a much lower price, it may be worthwhile making the switch before the heating season begins.

See if there are co-op programs that offer substantially lower group rates. Your mom may need to pay a membership fee, but that fee can keep costs much lower by locking her into a group rate.

Add Insulation

If your mom has an attic, add insulation to the roof and attic areas. It helps hold the heat in rather than letting it escape through the roof. Insulation should also be added where the home’s overhang and basement wall meet. If your mom has an electric water heater that’s in a cooler basement, an insulating jacket will help it work more efficiently.

Apply Insulating Plastic Sheeting Over Drafty Patio Doors and Windows

You can buy insulating kits that cover patio doors or windows. Using double-sided tape, apply the plastic sheets over doors and windows that are drafty and not used in the winter months. A hairdryer seals the plastic to create a draft-free covering that keeps the warmth in and prevents cold air from cooling down the house.

Saving money should be everyone’s goal. She shouldn’t sacrifice her happiness or safety by avoiding the cost of caregivers, however. If she needs help around the home or with transportation, it’s time to make arrangements.

By saving on her winter heating bills, she’ll have savings to put towards home care. She’ll have help with meals, transportation, housekeeping, and more. And with home care helping out, you’ll have extra time to spend with her. It’s a win-win situation.


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