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The Dangers of Chronic Stress for Family Caregivers

While family caregivers certainly want to help their elderly relative with health issues, the daily responsibilities can lead to a stressful environment. Too many family caregivers try to handle everything themselves and avoid asking others for help.

Home Care East Berlin PA - The Dangers of Chronic Stress for Family Caregivers

Home Care East Berlin PA – The Dangers of Chronic Stress for Family Caregivers

Taking care of an aging senior with health issues is a big job, and without respite, family caregivers can quickly burn out. When family caregivers are dealing with too much stress, it can be dangerous to their health. Unless they figure out some stress-management techniques, they won’t be healthy for long.

Understanding Chronic Stress

Chronic stress happens when people live in a constant state of exhaustion, both physical and mentally.

Unless family caregivers can readily identify the symptoms of chronic stress, they won’t know whether they are suffering from it. If they continue as they are for many months or even years, they can significantly affect their health as well as their quality of life.

Some of the most common symptoms that manifest physically include weight gain, headaches, insomnia, shoulder pain, skin rashes, hair loss, weakened immune system and high blood pressure. Chronic stress can also have an effect on a family caregiver’s mental health. Common symptoms of this burnout include lack of focus, irritability, mood swings, anxiety and depression.

Hiring Help to Avoid Chronic Stress

Without helpful resources, family caregivers will certainly struggle to care for themselves as well as their elderly loved one. Unless they get help with the responsibilities as well as some time for themselves, family caregivers won’t be able to avoid chronic stress. The best way for them to get help with their daily duties is to find a home care provider service and hire an assistant.

Home care providers are professionals that provide in-home care for elderly adults and others who are physically or cognitively limited. These limits prevent seniors from attending to their own needs, yet they still want to live at home. Hiring a home care provider gives family caregivers a dependable and regular source of help so they can get some respite.

Home care providers can do just about everything when it comes to daily tasks that aging adults need. In the morning, home care providers can help aging adults with showering, dressing and grooming. Throughout the day, they can provide meals and snacks, socializing opportunities and companionship. These professionals can also pitch in with light housework and laundry to keep things running smoothly. When the family caregiver is away, they don’t have to worry about their aging relative or the household when a home care provider is there.

Caring for an elderly adult is both rewarding and overwhelming. No family caregiver should to do it completely on their own or they run the risk of developing chronic stress. With home care providers, family caregivers can thrive in their new role of caring for their relative.

Carinf for an aging parent is a wonderful way to deepen family bonds, but it should never be at the expense of your own health. Get help and take care of yourself to avoid caregiver burnout and be the best family caregiver you can.

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