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Four Solutions if Your Senior Doesn’t Feel Like Cooking

Very often caregivers find that their aging adults aren’t eating well or even at all. When asked, your elderly family member might tell you that she just doesn’t feel like cooking. Cooking for one isn’t always enjoyable and it can take a lot of energy that your senior wants to spend on other activities. Some of these solutions might help.

Elderly Care New Oxford PA - Four Solutions if Your Senior Doesn’t Feel Like Cooking

Elderly Care New Oxford PA – Four Solutions if Your Senior Doesn’t Feel Like Cooking

Make Ahead Some Pre-portioned Meals

When you make meals for your aging adult, it’s a good idea to go ahead and make a little bit extra. Then you can individually package those extra servings and put them in the freezer. Make sure that you label each container with the contents, the date the food was made, and any heating instructions your senior should know. Then, when she’s hungry but doesn’t want to cook, she can grab one of these meals.

Ask Family and Friends to Pitch In

Another idea is to ask family and friends to pitch in periodically with making meals for your senior. They can put together pre-portioned meals, too, or maybe they make a larger casserole that she can eat from for a couple of days. Regardless, this gives her some variety and it gives other family members and friends a way to help her if they aren’t able to help with bigger tasks.

Sign up for Meal Delivery Services

Most areas have agencies that help the elderly with meal delivery services. These services typically deliver once or twice a day and bring healthy, hot meals to your elderly family member. They don’t require her to do more than sit down and tuck in, which makes them incredibly convenient for her.

Hire Elderly Care Providers

Something that might give your senior even more flexibility is for you to hire elderly care providers to do the cooking for her. This enables your elderly family member to really personalize the meals that eats every day. And elderly care providers get to know her routines and her preferences, which can help them to make her meals that she really enjoys and that she’s excited to eat every day. You’ll also know that your senior is eating a variety of foods that are good for her.

These solutions will help you to ensure that your elderly family member is eating healthy foods rather than relying on fast foods or convenience foods. This can help her to be much healthier and you’ll know that she’s got the nutrients that her body so badly needs.

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