Many older adults have difficulty getting all the nutrients they need in a day. It’s common for seniors to have lower appetites than they did when they were younger, so they don’t eat as much. And, some seniors have trouble cooking or making good food choices because of cognitive issues. If your older family member doesn’t seem to be eating enough or eating well, elderly care can help to change that.

Here are some ways that elderly care can improve the way older adults eat.

Companionship During Meals

Elderly Care Abbottstown PA - What Elderly Care Can Do to Help Seniors Eat More

Elderly Care Abbottstown PA – What Elderly Care Can Do to Help Seniors Eat More

One of the reasons an older adult may not eat enough is because eating alone can be unpleasant and lonely. In their younger days, mealtimes may have been spent gathered with family around a crowded dinner table. Having to eat alone is a reminder that people have passed away or moved on. When an elderly care provider keeps the older adult company during mealtimes, they may be more likely to eat more because it is now an enjoyable event. The elderly care provider can offer conversation, turn on some music, or simply be present.

Meal Preparation

Cooking can become more difficult with age. Arthritic hands may lack the strength or may be painful during certain actions, like cutting vegetables or opening cans. Some older adults simply lack the skills or desire to cook, too. Elderly care providers can prepare nutritious meals for your aging relative, even making things ahead of time for the senior to eat later in the day. If the older adult is only able to at small amounts at a time, the elderly care provider can offer them several small meals and snacks throughout the day.

Grocery Shopping

Seniors who don’t drive may have difficulty getting food. As a result, they may rely on foods from nearby convenience stores or fast food restaurants. Elderly care can drive the older adult to the grocery store, so they have access to healthy food choices. Elderly care providers can shop with them, helping them to choose nutritious foods, reach items on higher shelves, and carry heavy grocery bags.

Keep to a Schedule

Having meals at regular times each day can help the body to feel hungry when it is time to eat. An elderly care provider can help them to stick with a schedule while providing care. The elderly care provider can prepare and serve each meal at the same time each day.

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