For one reason or another, some of us have relationships with people in our lives, sometimes even relatives, that we consider to be “toxic”.

Elder Care York PA - 5 Ways to Deal With A Toxic Relationship

Elder Care York PA – 5 Ways to Deal With A Toxic Relationship

Whether that means that the person is dealing with a mental illness or other diagnosed or undiagnosed health issues, or there is just a rift in the family for various reasons, being around certain people can just cause problems or drama for some of us.

If you have a toxic person in your life, maybe even a senior parent or loved one who needs elder care at home, there are ways that you can protect yourself and your well-being so that both you and your senior can function and get the help that you both need.

1. Get support

The first step when dealing with a toxic loved one is to get support for yourself. It is important to have a safe and qualified person to talk to such as a therapist or a counselor who has experience dealing with these situations and can offer specialized advice. Support groups are also a great way to find people that can relate to what you are going through.

2. Take a break

If things get to be too much, or you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and it is beginning to affect your own health, you may need to take a break and put some physical distance between you and that person. If this is a senior that needs daily care at home and cannot be left alone, see if another family member can step in temporarily to allow you to get some breathing room so you can reset your mind and put some things into perspective or hire an elder care provider.

3. Find a healthy coping mechanism

It is vital that you figure out healthy ways that you can cope and find comfort without the use of drugs or alcohol, which can make matters worse. Try yoga, massage, exercise, picking up a new or old hobby, or developing a meditation practice to try and calm both the body and mind so that you can have a way to relax when things start to get tense.

4. Use a mediator

If you are experiencing a situation with a loved one and you are finding that talking one on one makes things worse, find a neutral third party who might be able to help diffuse the situation, such as a neighbor or family friend who can handle being the go-between for you and your loved one.

5. Hire Help

Lastly, it might be a good idea to consider hiring the help of professional elder care providers to care for your senior. Many times people may act differently with their loved ones and might be able to get better help with their needs at home with someone from a company rather than a son or daughter or other loved one that they tend to want to fight with .

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