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How Do You Get Your Dad Engaged in Social Activities?

Loneliness and isolation are risks at any age. Seniors who don’t have many friends left in the area may end up with limited ways to socialize. It becomes easier to stay at home and become somewhat reclusive. This can be detrimental to physical and emotional health.

Elder Care Thomasville PA - How Do You Get Your Dad Engaged in Social Activities?

Elder Care Thomasville PA – How Do You Get Your Dad Engaged in Social Activities?

Get your dad engaged in social activities. It may take time, but it isn’t as hard as you might think. Here are some of the easiest ways to do it.

Visit a Senior Center

Most areas have a nearby senior center. There, your dad can meet others, join a club, or learn a new hobby. Some senior centers hold regular outings. They’ll cost a little money, but they go to fun locations like malls, restaurants, museums, and, in certain areas, casinos.

Visit the Local Library

Public libraries usually hold public events for all ages. Some of the things your dad might enjoy are reading groups, gardening clubs, and workshops. Workshops will vary, but they may include workshops on growing your own worm garden or learn basic computer skills.

Check the Local Church Calendars

Your dad doesn’t have to attend a church to take part in some of the events they host. Ham or spaghetti dinners, charity pancake breakfasts, flea markets, and harvest festivals are some of the things churches all over the U.S. are known to hold.

As he enjoys a meal or shops for bargains, he has the chance to meet people. He might also make some new friends.

Volunteer for a Local Charity

Volunteering is an easy way to make friends and feel good about yourself. Hospitals are one place that looks for volunteers. They need them to show people where to go, bring water and snacks to people waiting in an ICU waiting room, or deliver flowers and gift baskets to patients’ rooms.

Attend a Community Event

See if the recreation committee in your dad’s town holds community events. Events like movies or concerts in the park, farmer’s markets, and town barbecues are some of the popular events.

During these nights out, he’ll meet neighbors and enjoy music, dancing, food, and beverages. He can make friends and hear of other community gatherings that may appeal to him.

Schedule Companionship Visits

An elder care agency can arrange to have caregivers stop by and keep your dad company. Companionship services range from afternoons playing games together to transportation to an area senior center for social activities. Call our elder care specialist to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Elder Care Services in Thomasville PA, please talk to us. Our friendly staff can answer all of your questions.  In-home Senior Care in Adams and York Counties, PA. Call Today: (717) 698-8258.

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