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Six Ways to Cut Expenses After Retirement

The Motley Fool estimates that around 9 million elderly men and women are still working. They have to as they don’t have enough money saved for retirement. It’s estimated that 21 percent of people who reach the age of retirement don’t even have $1,000 saved. Only 38 percent have saved $250,000 or more.

Elder Care McSherrystown PA - Six Ways to Cut Expenses After Retirement

Elder Care McSherrystown PA – Six Ways to Cut Expenses After Retirement

When you switch to retirement income, it can be alarming. You have to budget your money carefully. Property taxes and school taxes, grocery costs, and utilities keep increasing, but retirement income remains the same. If your parents also reach a point where elder care services are needed, they may hide it because they fear they can’t afford caregivers.


How big is your parents’ home? If it’s bigger than they can manage on their own, it may be a good time to have them downsize to a smaller home. Don’t force it if the thoughts of moving scare them, but they may find it appealing to move to something that has exterior maintenance, security, and one-level living.

Keep Internet but Ditch Cable TV

Keep your parents’ internet service but drop cable TV. The company may offer a package deal, but your parents need to refuse. Once they’re down to internet-only billing, they can use a smart TV, streaming box like a Roku, or Blu-ray player to access free movies and TV shows on channels like Pluto.

Sell the Car

If your parents don’t drive, there’s no reason to keep a car and pay for car insurance and registration. Your parents should sell the car and cancel insurance policies.

Check Insurance Prices Each Year

When it’s time to renew health insurance plans, search the marketplace for the best deal. You can use supplemental policies to cover any gaps.

Buy Only What’s Needed

Many aging adults tend to still shop for a family even though the kids moved on years ago. Try to get your parent to stop buying in bulk. It can save a lot of money if they’re not buying 10 of something just to get the savings.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Appliances

Do your parents still have a separate freezer? It’s unlikely they need that freezer. If they’re cooking meals for two, the freezer isn’t necessary and uses up any extra electricity. Talk your mom and dad into selling the freezer and scaling down frozen items to fit in the kitchen refrigerator.

To make sure your parents don’t hide their health issues or physical abilities from you, make sure you help them budget their money. With some careful planning, they can afford to hire elder care aides and afford the home they currently live in. Call our elder care agency to get started.


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