Independent living might be the biggest goal that your senior has right now. But if it seems impossible to you, there may be some solutions that can help.

Elder Care Gettysburg PA - How Can You Help Your Senior to Live as Independently as She Wants?

Elder Care Gettysburg PA – How Can You Help Your Senior to Live as Independently as She Wants?

Make Safety a High Priority

Safety is a big concern for anyone who is living independently, but especially your senior family member. It can help if you and she agree to perform regular safety checks together. This ensures that both of you are aware of what’s going on and that you’ve got an idea what needs repair, what might not be as safe as you thought, and what’s working well for her.

Eliminate Clutter and Excess Items

One of the bigger safety concerns might be the clutter in your senior’s home. No matter where it’s located, getting a handle on anything contributing to clutter can greatly improve the safety of your senior’s home. Likewise, if there is any furniture or other items that your senior really doesn’t need, it might be wise to remove those.

Rearrange Items She Uses Often

Anything that your elderly family member uses often needs to be easy for her to access. If it isn’t, that could create situations in which she puts herself into unsafe positions, like using a stepstool daily, that might result in injury. Look for ways to rearrange some of those items that are used daily or multiple times a day so that they’re the easiest for your elderly family member to get to.

Get Creative about Living Space

You might also want to consider getting a little more creative about your senior’s living space. If her bedroom isn’t easy for her to get to, she might be open to rearranging where her bedroom is. This is particularly helpful in a multi-story house that has steep stairs. Anything that your elderly family member uses often should likely be on the main floor of the house, if possible.

Work with Elder Care Providers

Elder care providers have experience in helping aging adults who want to remain independent for as long as possible. You might still feel as if your aging family member needs to move, but with the help of elder care services your family member may be more independent than you realize. She may also not realize just how much these care providers can assist her in maintaining her independence.

Independence can mean different things for different seniors. Talk with your elderly family member about what she’s willing to accept help with and where her boundaries are.

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