Many people worry about their elderly loved ones. One of the main things they worry about is whether or not they will get dementia. If this is something you are worried about, you should be able to recognize the beginning signs of dementia. While you can’t stop the disease, you as their caregiver can speak to your loved one’s doctor about it, to see just how you can help them out.

Caregiver Spring Grove PA - Beginning Signs of Dementia

Caregiver Spring Grove PA – Beginning Signs of Dementia

Difficulty Getting Simple Tasks Done

One of the beginning signs of dementia is having difficult getting even the most simple tasks done. If this is something your loved one is having a tough time with, it could be a sign they are starting to get demenita. However, it could be they are in physical pain or experiencing depression, too. Talk to their doctor, either way, to get to the bottom of this.

Forgetting How to Get Things Done

Is your elderly loved one forgetting how to get things done? These are things they have done over and over in the past, such as loading the dishwasher or turning on the washer and dryer. If they are forgetting how to do these things, this could be one of the early signs of dementia.

Trouble with Decision Making

Your elderly loved one might be having trouble with decision making. If they can’t seem to make decisions or they take a lot longer to make decisions than they used to, this could be another one of the signs of dementia. You may need to hire caregivers to come help them with decision making.

Poor Judgment

Another one of the beginning signs of dementia is poor judgment. Is your elderly loved one doing things that aren’t safe for them? Do they go outside in the middle of winter without a coat? Are they spending money they really don’t have? Are they behaving inappropriately in social situations? If they are doing any of these things or anything like it, this could mean they have dementia. Talk to their doctor about it right away.

Getting Lost

Did your loved one like to take walks? Were they familiar with the roads in their neighborhood, but now they are getting lost? If so, then they might have dementia.

Forgetting Words or Stories

Dementia also causes people to forget words or stories they have told over and over before. Is your elderly loved one missing words when they talk? Do they have a tough time telling a story that they have repeated many times before?

These are some of the beginning signs of dementia. If you recognize any of these signs in your elderly loved one, it may be time to talk to their doctor. You may also want to consider hiring caregivers to come keep an eye on your loved one, as well.


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