While being a caregiver may never be easy, the technology available today can make some aspects of being a family caregiver easier than ever before. There are many ways you can use technology to keep yourself organized, keep your aging relative busy, or connect with other people.

Below are 5 ways you can use technology to improve your caregiver experience.

Caregiver New Oxford PA - 5 Ways to Use Technology as a Caregiver

Caregiver New Oxford PA – 5 Ways to Use Technology as a Caregiver

#1: GPS for Tracking Wandering Seniors

If your older family member has dementia, they may be prone to dangerous wandering. Seniors who wander can get lost or injured. One way caregivers can keep tabs on the location of the older adult is by attaching a GPS tracker to their clothing or around their wrist. Though a GPS tracker doesn’t take the place of supervision, it can help with quickly and safely retrieving the senior if they do wander away.

#2: Take Notes on a Smartphone

Using your smartphone to take notes can allow you to remember instructions given by the senior’s doctor or remind yourself of things you need to pick up. A smartphone takes the place of having to carry around a bulky notebook. And, the information can be made available on other devices.

#3: Video Games for Exercise

It can be hard to convince your aging relative to exercise. Some video game systems offer games that require players to move around to play them. For example, there are games that simulate bowling, tennis, and other sports. Older adults can play them even if they are confined to a wheelchair. They require swinging the arms. There are also games that involve dancing, so the senior has to use their whole body to play. Caregivers can play along with the older adult, getting some exercise for themselves, too.

#4: Medication Reminders

When seniors take many different kinds of medicines and at different times of the day, it can be hard to remember when it’s time for them to take a dose. There are apps caregivers can download to their smartphones that allow them to set medication reminders. Some apps can even help to keep track of the medications the senior takes, so that the information can be easily provided to health care providers.

#5: Monitors

Caregivers who are responsible for overnight care may find a monitor, like the ones used for babies, helps them to get a better night’s sleep. Some caregivers might lay in bed worrying that they won’t hear their older family member get up. By using a monitor, you can rest assured that you’ll hear the senior get up or if they call for help. Because the volume on monitors can be adjusted, you can turn it up as loud as needed to wake you up.

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