Something needs replacing or fixing, but your parents are on a limited income. They need a shower they can get in and out of without falling, how can they afford it? Maybe they need a wheelchair ramp or stairlift. It’s still a pricey improvement for someone on a fixed income. The house is cold and drafty or the roof leaks.

How do you make sure they live alone safely when money is limited and home improvements are difficult?

Save Up and Tackle One Project at a Time

Caregiver East Berlin PA - How Can Your Parents Make Home Improvements When Money's Tight?

Caregiver East Berlin PA – How Can Your Parents Make Home Improvements When Money’s Tight?

Your parents should reduce expenses as much as possible. Use coupons and rebate apps when grocery shopping. Dropping cable, landlines, and newspaper subscriptions also help them save money each month.

Put the savings into an account that doesn’t get touched. It will take time, but they can use the savings to cover one project at a time. Make a list of the things that need doing and prioritize them. Roof leaks, insulation, and heating systems should be priorities for most older adults. If a wheelchair became necessary for some reason, adapting the house for that is important.

Ask Local Churches and Non-Profits

Some churches and non-profits have programs that help local elderly with home upgrades. Local volunteers come out and help with home repairs and upgrades. Your parents may need to pay for the supplies, but they’ll save on the cost of labor.

Talk to Medicaid if Possible

Your parents may be able to get some upgrades through Medicaid, if they qualify for Medicaid. Not all older adults qualify for Medicaid because of the strict income limits. If they do, items like wheelchair ramps may be covered if a doctor says it is medically necessary. While it’s not a guarantee, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Look into Low-Interest Loans

Ask the local Agency on Aging about grants and low-interest loan programs for other home upgrades. A new heating system, windows, doors, or insulation are some of the upgrades older adults can qualify for and turn a drafty, cold house into a warm, cozy one.

Why have your parents alone all week? Caregivers can stop by for a few hours a day, every few days, or once a week and help out. They can check on your parents’ grocery stocks, take them shopping, cook meals, and clean the house.

In addition to helping with daily routines, caregivers are available for companionship and safety. Call our agency to discuss how caregivers help with mobility and ambulation.

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